Zap The Hair Away: Electrolysis Hair Removal

If considering the removal of unwanted hair there is a number of options available. For example one way for a woman to remove eyebrow hair is through plucking the individual hairs out. Or if a man wants to remove unwanted hair off his back he can go through a hot wax treatment.

Additionally, there are other ways to accomplish the removal of hair from various parts of the body. One of those methods is through an electrolysis hair removal system.

Therefore, if considering this method of hair removal it is important to know how a electrolysis hair removal system works, its success rate and its cost.

What Is An Electrolysis Hair Removal System?

An electrolysis hair removal system is the removal of hair through the use of electricity and an electrode. This electrode is very small in size and can be compared to a very small needle.

The actual process involves the insertion of this small needle into each hair follicle of the area where the individual want hair removal. The hair follicle is where the hair grows out from the skin. Once the electrode has been inserted into each hair follicle an electrical current is administered. Generally the length of time that the electric current flows through the electrode into the follicle is about one minute in duration.

Generally, when the individual is undergoing this process of hair removal they will feel a slight tinge of pain. That is because electricity is being utilized and the electrical current causes slight discomfort. The slight discomfort is likened to a stinging or pricking sensation.

The Success Rate Of Electrolysis Hair Removal

There are many positives and negatives associated with the removal of hair using electrolysis. One of the positives associated with this method of hair removal is that it has a good success rate. The success rate is defined as the slow or absence of returning hair. In addition, another positive aspect to utilizing electrolysis hair removal is that it does not discolor the skin. This discoloration of the skin is often caused by a laser hair removal treatment process.

Some of the negative aspects of this method of hair removal include the fact that it could be a prolonged process. That is because each hair follicle needs to be treated in the area where the individual is removing the hair.

In addition, just because the electrode is inserted into each follicle does not necessarily mean that it will remove the hair. This is because the follicle itself may be at a slant which creates a problem for the electrode to reach the root.

Therefore, it is important to compare various methods of hair removal that utilize various high-tech tools. One such comparison would be between an electrolysis vs laser hair removal system.

Cost Of A Electrolysis Hair Removal System

One other negative aspect of utilizing this system for hair removal is the cost. That is because it generally takes a technician to administer the treatment program as well as the use of a machine. Generally the average cost of a 30 minute session for utilizing electrolysis hair removal system is $60.