What Are Facial Hair Removal Methods?

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It can be a tedious task to look great since you need to know and understand when it comes to caring for your appearance and which products are okay to use. Facial hair is one of the most common grooming problems of men and women nowadays. Although this is actually more of a concern for the ladies since facial hair on the wrong places is truly undesirable.

There are two main types of facial hair removal, namely temporary and permanent. Under each type, there are several applications and processes involved.

Here are some of the temporary and permanent facial hair removal methods of today.

Temporary methods – Most temporary facial hair removal methods are not expensive since they usually employ simple solutions or products that can be bought over the counter.

Epilation is a hair removal process that goes deep at the roots and the result may last from several days to a few weeks. Epilation procedures include plucking the hair using tweezers. Hot or cold waxing is a technique that removes unwanted hair on the surface of the skin. A cloth or waxing strip can be used to strip off the wax and unwanted hair. You may also find rotary epilators. The hair is grabbed and pulled at the root using these electric devices.

Depilation is a process of removing hair at the skin level that can last for several hours to a few days. This method involves electric or manual shaving. You can also temporarily remove facial hair by using a depilatory. The chemical content of this product alters the structure of the hair, making it easier to remove. Depilatory products may come in the form of gels, creams, roll-ons and lotions. These methods are cost-effective and highly available in many pharmacies and beauty stores.

Permanent methods – As for permanent facial hair removal, it may require you to undergo treatment or procedure from a salon since it is more complicated than temporary methods.

Laser facial hair removal is a classified as a permanent method and it uses laser beams to remove hair at the follicles. Possible concerns are the cost and the need for several sessions in order to complete.

Considered as an almost permanent method is electrolysis, which many people dare not undergo because of possible pain involved. Electrical shock is used in destroying the hair at the root one at a time. Electrolysis requires a several sessions as well as a larger budget.

By keeping these methods in mind, you’ll have a better idea of each type. Choose the method that will best fit your needs and budget. Make sure that you ask an expert regarding the use of facial hair removal method before you try anything.