Top Reasons Why People Go For Body Hair Removal

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Body hair removal is a common practice among people of various cultures since the early centuries. Many cultures and countries have various reasons why they practice removing body hair. It could be due to aesthetic or medical reasons.

Body hair removal is a common practice today among many cultures due to aesthetic reasons. Good grooming and social norms influence people to undergo certain procedures and treatments just to have flawless appearance.

It is also notable that being hairy all over denotes masculinity. So if you’re a woman with lots of body hair, you may look unpleasant and untidy to most people. It is not hygienic, in general, to have excess body hair on certain areas. A woman may apply body hair removal treatments on areas such as her armpits, face and bikini line.

For the guys, it is normal to shave mustache and beard, while body hair removal is only necessary for those with excess body hair. Military men and women are required to have semi-shaved haircut because it is the practical thing to do to prevent long hours of grooming as well as to avoid the enemy from grabbing their hair during battle.

Cancer patients prefer to go bald during chemotherapy since their body hair fall off after the first couple of sessions. For most patients, they’d rather have their heads shaved than see their hair falling each day during chemotherapy.

Body hair removal is necessary for patients who undergo surgery to prevent bacteria and infection.

Some people remove their body hair due to religious beliefs. As part of the devotion to their religion, Cambodian and other Buddhist monks shave their heads. Muslims, as part of their religious practices, often remove the hairs on their pubic area and armpits.

Shaving off body hair as a form of punishment has been done in many countries and cultures as well. During the holocaust, the Nazis shaved off the body hair of all their prisoners before they were exterminated. The Jews, especially the men, keep their beards long because they consider it as part of their culture and religious belief.

Recently, body hair removal seem to be focused on aesthetic purposes. This is the reason why you’ll see many salons that offer various hair removal procedures. Whatever your reason is, it is best to choose the ideal treatment or method to make sure you’re safe.