Seeking Natural Permanent Hair Removal

Unfortunately, there are not any natural permanent hair removal methods on the market today, unless you count light and electricity as natural means of hair removal since they occur in nature. The only methods of removing hair permanently are to use electrolysis or to use lasers to kill the roots of the hairs and get rid of unsightly hair. These methods of hair removal are very costly, with laser hair removal costing about five hundred dollars per session, with four sessions being required, and electrolysis costing up to one hundred dollars per hour, with sessions taking at least an hour and about four total being required to achieve good results.

Natural Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Although there is not natural permanent hair removal, there are some methods that are natural and allow individuals to achieve semi-permanent results. One popular method of natural, semi-permanent hair removal for facial hair removal is sugar waxing. In this method the wax is all natural and is applied in a heated state to the problem area. It is allowed to cool slightly which allows it to bind to the hairs of that area before being removed quickly, pulling out the hairs by the roots.

This method usually lasts about two weeks before requiring it to be repeated as other hairs grow into the area, since hairs grow in cycles. The reason this method of natural hair removal is semi-permanent is because the hairs of that area thin out over time as some of the roots are killed from being pulled and do not grow back.

Plucking is another method of semi-permanent natural hair removal that is used on the face, sometimes in conjunction with sugar waxing. Plucking works the same way as sugar waxing, pulling out the hair by the root. It is a much more tedious version of semi-permanent natural hair removal because it requires individuals to pull out hairs one at a time rather than being able to remove many at once. Neither of these methods is especially good to use on the legs since it is painful and the leg area has so much area to cover.

There are some other natural hair removal methods such as using a pumice stone or other rough stone to use friction and rub off the hair in a certain area. This is not really a viable option for the face, but can be used on the legs. In addition, the results do not last as long as waxing or plucking since it only rubs off the tops of the hairs rather than pulling by the roots.