Products for Facial Hair Removal for Women

When women struggle with unwanted facial hair it is important to find the best facial hair removal product for that particular woman. There are many different products on the market for facial hair removal for women, but some work better than others and last for a longer period of time. There are also ways to permanently remove facial hair, which some women choose to do even through it is costly and takes multiple treatments.

Types of Facial Hair Removal for Women

There are some products for facial hair removal for women that use razors to remove the unwanted hair. These products, although inexpensive and convenient to use usually, are not the best products to use on unwanted facial hair. The reason for this is that by shaving off the top layer of the hair, it stimulates hair growth and also causes the hairs to come back more coarse that it once was, escalating the problem rather than solving it.

Another popular type of facial hair removal for women is to use tweezers to pluck the hairs. This can work well for the eyebrow hairs since they are usually not very thick and need to be shaped a certain way. Tweezers are especially convenient to use when used to pluck stray hairs after waxing or other methods of facial hair removal for women. Tweezers are not the best choice when there is a lot of hair to remove at one time since they can only pluck one or two hairs at a time.

Other, more efficient methods of facial hair removal for women are waxing and sugar waxing. Both of these methods work the same way, with sugar waxing being a more natural method that can sometimes be less harsh on the skin than regular waxing methods. There are different ways to use the waxing method. Some types have plastic strips that have wax in between them. The individual merely has to rub the plastic strip to warm up the wax and then peel it and apply to the area with the unwanted hair.

These are convenient to use and not usually as messy as some of the other versions. However, they do not always remove all of the unwanted hair and require more plucking to be done after waxing than other methods. The other methods require the individual to heat up the wax or sugar wax, usually in the microwave or on a double boiler, so that it gets to be the right consistency. Then the individual applies the wax to the region with the hair on it, lets it sit for a moment to cool slightly and bind to the hair, and then quickly remove it, pulling out the unwanted hair by the roots.