Permanent Results with Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems

Laser and electrolysis hair removal systems are becoming more popular for removing hair permanently from the body, especially for women who have a lot of facial hair and for men who have a lot of back hair. These systems can be done professionally and also can be done at home with systems that cost from sixty to over one hundred dollars. There are some systems that are scams, claiming to offer permanent hair removal but not producing the results.

How Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems Works

When done professionally, electrolysis hair removal systems require individuals to go through several treatments in order to get all the hairs removed. The electrolysis hair removal system starts a metal needle being inserted into each hair follicle. Then a mild electric current is passed through the thin metal needle into the hair follicle so that the hair root is killed.

This means that the hair will no longer grow out of that follicle. The treatment has to be repeated more than once because the hairs grow in cycles, which means the hairs that are seen are not all the hairs that are actually in that area. After a few weeks, some older hairs fall out and new hairs are growing into the area but from different follicles. By doing the treatment multiple times, usually no more than four times, the electrolysis hair removal system is sure to remove all the unwanted hair from the area.

The at home versions of the electrolysis hair removal system work similarly except that more than one hair follicle is treated at a time and there are not any needles that are used. The home versions usually have a gel that is used with the electrolysis hair removal system so that the electric current can work more effectively in the hair follicles to kill the hair root. It is also protective of the skin so that there are not any burns that are obtained from the electricity that is used to kill the hair root.

These systems also have to be used more than once to achieve the removal of all the hair in a particular area. The instructions in the kit need to be followed so that the desired results can be more quickly achieved. Most users say that these at home versions of electrolysis hair removal take patience, so individuals who want quicker results should probably use a different method of hair removal, although the other methods are temporary.