Many Types of Permanent Hair Removal Product

There are many different types of hair removal products on the market today, some of which remove the hair on a temporary basis and others that remove the hair permanently. Permanent hair removal products can be expensive for the individuals, depending on the method used. There are some permanent hair removal products that use electrolysis methods where the hair follicles are killed so that the hair does not grow back again.

These treatments can be somewhat inexpensive, with some devices that are able to be used in the comfort of the individual’s home and only running about sixty to one hundred dollars. The downside to the treatment is that it takes more than one treatment to completely remove the hair. All of the hair in an area of the person’s body does not grow at one time, and in fact can take up to eight weeks for it all to grow out. Thus, the individual will need to repeat the treatment every couple of weeks until he or she sees that the hair is no longer growing back in that area.

Professional Permanent Hair Removal Methods

There are also professional methods of permanent hair removal on the market today. These methods are much more expensive and still require the individual to endure multiple treatments to remove all the hair in an area. There is the electrolysis method of professional permanent hair removal which is done in a doctor’s office normally, and can be very painful. This used to be considered the best method of permanent hair removal on the market, although laser hair removal is quickly taking its place. In this method of permanent hair removal, the individual has very thin metal probes that are inserted into the hair follicle and then stimulated with a light electric current that serves to kill the hair root.

he trick to this method, especially for large areas such as the legs, is that the each hair follicle has to be treated individually, which takes a lot of time and is what makes the method so expensive, running up to one hundred dollars per hour.

Laser hair removal is another permanent hair removal product on the market today that is growing in popularity. In this system, instead of using electricity to pass into the hair follicle to kill the root of the hair, the professional uses a laser, which is a beam of light that passes into each hair follicle. This method is much faster than the electrolysis method since it does not have to treat one hair follicle at a time, but can serve hundreds at a time. Laser hair removal is costly however, running five hundred dollars per session, with up to four sessions needed to completely treat an area.