Many Types of Hair Removal Products

There are many different types of hair removal products on the market today which use either temporary or permanent hair removal techniques. The most common technique for hair removal since it is both quick and easy to do, in addition to being relatively painless, is the razor method. Shaving is efficient for removing hair in areas where there is a lot of hair to remove such as the leg area. In addition, it can be used in more sensitive areas such as the bikini region or under the arms without causing a rash or other detrimental effect.

Another method is depilatories, which are hair removal creams. These work similarly to shaving in that they only remove the top part of the hair but do not do anything for the lower parts of the hair or the root. As such, the depilatories are not hair removal products that remove hair for a long period of time, but do provide a solution longer than shaving which has to be repeated at least every other day for good results. The depilatory hair removal products usually last about two weeks before needing reapplying.

Hair Removal Products Removing from the Root

There are other hair removal products that remove the hair from the roots and have a longer lasting result. However, these methods are also much more painful than shaving or the depilatory products (unless a rash breaks out from an allergic reaction) since they pull out the hair by the roots. One such method is waxing, in which a wax substance is melted and then applied to the hair that the individual wants to remove. Then the wax is allowed to cool slightly so that it forms to the hair before it is quickly removed, either with a cloth strip that is applied to it, or by pulling off the wax itself.

As the wax is removed, the hairs are also removed with it. One drawback to this method or with sugar waxing is that the individual must let the hairs grow out to a certain length in order for the wax to be able to grip it enough to pull out. Sugar waxing is usually considered less harsh on the skin than regular waxing, although the results are very similar, as is the price normally.

There are also hair removal products on the market now that allow individuals to use electrolysis methods at home. This allows individuals to permanently remove hair in the privacy and convenience of their homes, rather than going to a professional to have it done which is costly. These devices do require multiple treatments and there are some that do not work as well as others, but if used correctly will allow the individual to become permanently hair free in the areas treated.