Making a Sensitive Choice: Body Hair Removal

Although body hair removal is typically thought of as mainly a woman’s issue, there are also men that are extremely hairy on their backs and chests that also want to get rid of unsightly hair. Male body hair removal has come more to the forefront in recent years as male grooming is more socially acceptable, although it has been going on for years. There are specific types of body hair removal that are best for different areas of the body.

Types of Male Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal for men starts with the facial hair, for which razors are the most common method of removing the hair. Razors allow men to reach all the areas of their face and neck quickly and easily so that the skin is smooth each day. They also are fairly easy on the face so that sensitive skin is not affected by shaving like it is by other methods. In addition, men may decide at times to grow facial hair, so shaving allows them to sculpt the hair on their faces into the various facial hair designs that they want. There are electric razors as well, but these do not give as close a shave as traditional razors.

The next area of body hair removal is the hair of the chest and back that most concerns men. Men who are very hairy will often want to remove at least the hair of their backs. This body hair removal process is tricky because the man has a hard time removing the hair himself since he cannot easily see and reach his entire back. There are razors that are designed with a longer handle and a mirror system that can help with this issue. There are also salons that offer this service to men for a price. The problem with this method is that the hair removal does not last long, with hairs starting to grow back immediately.

Other methods of body hair removal for the back include waxing and permanent hair removal. Waxing is very painful for the back because the skin is sensitive there and it is a large area that requires the hair removal. Waxing pulls out the hairs by the roots, so often this is too painful for a man to endure. In addition, often the hair has to be trimmed before the wax can be used, and another person has to do the waxing as there are no self-waxing methods.