Hair Removal For Men – Top 4 Methods

Hair removal for men was not a common practice during the early times. Having lots of hair seems to exude masculinity for some guys. However, these days many guys are upgrading their looks by being clean and hair-free because of the influence of body builders and celebrities.

However, it is easy to say that hair removal for men is an acceptable practice. This method may not work for every guy since there are others who still believe that more hair means more macho.

It is challenging to use hair removal for men especially if you are confused of the many varieties of products and methods available. This can also be the reason why other men don’t want to remove their body hair.

Here are the top 4 methods that you can use:

Shaving – This is a common method of removing a guy’s facial hair such as mustache and beard. However, it can also be used as a method to remove unwanted body hair on certain parts. Depending on the growth rate of your hair, it may last for up to 7 days before your next shave. For a guy with sensitive skin, it is best to check for other options since shaving can cause small cuts and irritation.

Waxing – This is an excellent method and quite ideal as hair removal for men. Even though it is a little expensive, waxing can be the best option if you wish to be hair-free for at least 4 weeks. You may experience pain in the process especially on areas with thinner skin. Always ensure that you are prepared for a little pain and don’t forget to inform the salon staff if you have sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal – This is another method to remove unwanted hair on certain areas of your body. This is probably one of the best among the best methods because it is painless and permanent. The only drawback is the high cost.

Hair removal products can be your best option if you don’t have the budget or if you dread the possible pain involved in the process. You may use creams and other topical products that can be easily found in pharmacies and specialty shops. Make sure to consult your dermatologist before you buy anything.

The modern guy who applies hair removal for men is actually using an innovation that can help him look and feel good. If you are one the many guys out there who want to try hair removal, it is advisable that you do a bit of research or ask a salon specialist. It is also important to consider your budget so you’ll be able to save for the hair removal method of your choice.