Hair Removal for Men: Permanent Back Hair Removal

Women typically want permanent hair removal on their facial area since that area is typically the most embarrassing to have facial hair on and is also the most tedious to keep up with, since additional hairs grow in at different times of the month, so it is impossible to go a day without checking for those unsightly hairs. For men the situation is different, with the main problem that they face being having too much hair on the chest or back. Men may seek permanent back hair removal in order to remedy the situation and to be able to take off his shirt again in public. Since there are not any natural permanent back hair removal methods, other means have to be used.

Types of Permanent Back Hair Removal

Permanent back hair removal can go in a couple of different directions, and both of which are not cheap. One method of permanent back hair removal is to get electrolysis. This method costs by the hour, typically, and runs anywhere from twenty-five dollars to one hundred dollars per hour to have the electrolysis done. This is very expensive, especially for removing back hair permanently because the back is a large area and men who want this done typically have very thick hair on the back.

The way electrolysis works is that a very thin needle is inserted into each hair follicle, one at a time. The needle is metal and is attached to a source for an electric current that will pass through the needle into the hair follicle, killing the root. The electric current is very mild, but it still can be a painful process, especially when a large area is covered. In addition, since the hair grows in cycles, the process has to be repeated in about four different sessions so that all the hairs are removed and the roots killed in permanent back hair removal.

Permanent back hair removal also includes laser hair removal which is typically a less tedious process than electrolysis. Laser permanent back hair removal costs about five hundred dollars per session on average and normally takes about four sessions to complete the process. Unlike electrolysis which goes one hair follicle at a time, laser hair removal uses light which can be applied to hundreds of hair follicles at a time, making each session go more quickly. Laser hair removal can cause an irritation to the skin from the laser’s heat, just as electrolysis can do from the electricity. Both processes though are guaranteed to remove back hair permanently, which is a great relief to the individual treated.