Going Green: Natural Facial Hair Removal

Hair removal products used to only contain ingredients that were harsh chemicals that were rough on the skin and had to be used and stored with care. Today there are natural facial hair removal products that are easier on the skin and also remove the unsightly hair from the facial area quickly and easily, keeping it off for at least a couple of weeks.

Natural Facial Hair Removal By Waxing and Plucking

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of natural facial hair removal. The wax products can be made of synthetic wax, but if an individual looks closely, there are other products that use bees’ wax and also sugar wax to do the job, providing natural facial hair removal. These products all work in basically the same way. The wax is warmed so that it is semi-liquid, allowing it to be spread evenly on the individual’s face without burning them. The wax is then allowed to cool slightly, which allows the wax to bind to the hairs that are in that area of the face. Once it has cooled slightly, then it is quickly pulled off the face, either through the use of a cloth that is placed on the wax as it is cooling so that it can be pulled for easier wax removal, or by pulling the wax itself off the face for natural facial hair removal.

Waxing is a great method of natural facial hair removal because once the hairs are removed; they usually do not have to be removed again for another two weeks. Usually in the meantime, individuals can spot check for stray hairs and pluck them until it is time for the next waxing. Waxing is also a great method because it covers a large area at a time to pull out the hairs, as opposed to plucking which only removes one hair at a time. Plucking is a useful method of natural facial hair removal when it is used in conjunction with other methods since it allows individuals to get the stray hairs that are missed.

The downside to waxing is that it can sometimes leave a rash on the face if the wax is still too hot when it is placed on the face during natural facial hair removal. There are usually soothing lotions that are in the package with the wax to help with this possibility as well as to soothe the pain of pulling out the hairs. Another issue with waxing is that the hairs have to grow out to a certain length before the wax can ‘grab’ onto them to pull them out. This can be somewhat embarrassing for the individual who is waiting to do the next waxing job.