Finding a Permanent Hair Removal System

Finding a permanent hair removal system can be a costly and frustrating experience. Women usually want to find a permanent solution for the hair on their face and bikini area, as well as under their arms and on their legs. Men will commonly want permanent back hair removal, and will sometimes seek permanent hair removal for their chest area if they are extremely hairy, so that the hair does not travel up their neckline. Two common permanent hair removal systems are on the market today: the laser hair removal and electrolysis. Both of these methods are most commonly done in a doctor’s office, but there are also some permanent hair removal systems that use these methods and can be done at home by the individual.

Laser and Electric Permanent Hair Removal System

The laser permanent hair removal system is the newest on the market today and as such is commonly the most expensive still to use. Laser hair removal will usually cost at least five hundred dollars per hair removal session and will usually require at least three sessions to complete the process. Laser permanent hair removal systems use light in the form of lasers to treat the hair follicles and kill the roots of the hairs. They treat hundreds of hair follicles at a time, so it is typically a more efficient permanent hair removal system than electrolysis. There can be side effects of the system such as a burning of the skin where it is treated and will require some recovery time in some cases.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal systems work by inserting a thin metal needle into each hair follicle and then electrifying it is that is kills the hair root. This method is tedious since it requires that each hair follicle be done one at a time. It can also be very painful since electricity is used to kill the roots of the hairs. The cost of the process, although lower at the outset than laser hair removal, can end up being higher in the end, depending on the area treated. Electrolysis hair removal systems are paid by the hour, and the cost ranges from twenty-five to one hundred dollars per hour.

There are permanent hair removal systems of both types that can be done at home. The cost of these systems ranges from sixty dollars to hundred of dollars, depending on the quality of the product. These products are nice because they can be done in the privacy of the home rather than in a doctor’s office.