Different Choices in Wax Hair Removal Products

There are many different options in body hair removal products on the market and each one is made to be best used with different parts of the body. For instance, shaving is the best option for the legs of women and also the faces of men. These areas require special treatment, with the faces of men requiring that the hair be able to grow back for the different facial hair options that they have, such as a beard. The legs of women are a larger area and require a quick and easy way to get rid of the unwanted hair on a regular basis without pain. Shaving can also be used on men’s backs when the have a problem with too much hair on it, although this usually requires that another person does it unless the man buys a specific razor that allows him to reach his entire back with it.

Wax Hair Removal Products

Wax hair removal products are not as beneficial for legs and backs because the process is so painful for those areas and there is so much hair to remove. The way wax hair removal products work is by heating up the wax so that it becomes liquefied without boiling. The wax then must be tested to make sure that it is not too hot to place on the skin, but is also liquid enough to spread onto the skin smoothly in the areas that need waxing. Wax hair removal products usually have a set of directions that tells how to heat the wax and may also have a tester in it that shows if it is too hot to use.

Once the wax is liquefied, then it is smoothed onto the skin in the direction that the hair in that area grows. If a cloth is used with the wax hair removal product, this is the time that the cloth is added on top of the wax while it cools. Other products that do not use a cloth just let the wax cool slightly before removing it. With either type, while the wax cools it contracts which allows it to bind to the hairs of that particular area. That way, when the wax is pulled off quickly, either by using the cloth or by pulling on the wax itself, the hairs are also removed with the wax, pulled out by the roots.

Since the hairs are pulled out by the roots with wax hair removal products, it is very painful to use in large areas like the legs or back. It is great to use in smaller areas with finer hair like the face or bikini area. One of the drawbacks to using wax hair removal products is that they are messy to use and they may also cause a rash on the skin due to the heat of the wax.