Currency Cost For Current: Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost

There are many places on the human body where unwanted hair grows. Examples of those parts of the body where undesirable hair can grow are on the legs, upper lips, eyebrows, the back, etc.

Additionally, there are a number of methods that can be utilized to remove this unwanted hair. Examples of those methods could include shaving, hair removal creams, plucking the hair out, waxing, etc.

In addition, there are more cutting edge techniques. Those techniques could include a laser hair removal method and electrolysis. If considering this technique it is important to know what electrolysis is and how much electrolysis hair removal cost runs.

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

An electrolysis hair removal system is an electrical process in which small electrodes are inserted into each of the pores of the skin. These small electrodes are about the size of a small needle and are inserted into the pores of the skin where their hair follicles are located.

Once the electrode has been inserted into the pore then a small electrical current is discharged through the electrode which in turn destroys the root of the hair follicle. Generally, when this process takes place, the patient describes the process as a little uncomfortable as well as being described as a stinging or a pricking sensation. Additionally, the small current of electricity is applied for about one minute.

The Price Tag Associated With Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost

When it comes to talking budget it is important to know what a electrolysis hair removal cost is. Additionally, not only is it important to know what a electrolysis hair removal cost may be, but how many sessions may be needed.

Specifically, the cost for a 30 minute session is about $60. That cost is based not only on the use of the machine, but the technician’s time that is involved as well. Therefore, if the customer is wanting to have hair removed from a larger area there may be considerable time involved which equates to more money being expended.

Also, the roots of hair follicles may not necessarily be destroyed. That is because the electrical current, may miss the root. This may be due to the fact that the hair was bent prior or during the treatment.

Therefore, because electrolysis permanent hair removal is not a guarantee, the hair may return which will require another session which would add to the electrolysis hair removal cost.