Common Reasons For Body Hair Removal

Since the early centuries, body hair removal is a common practice among people of various cultures. Many cultures and countries have various reasons why they practice removing body hair. It may be due to medical or aesthetic reasons.

To this day, aesthetics is the most common reason why body hair removal is practiced in many cultures. The influence of social norms often make people undergo certain treatments or procedures in order to have flawless appearance.

Being hairy all over may also denote masculinity. So if you’re a woman, people may find you unpleasant or untidy if you have lots of body hair. And generally it is not hygienic to have excess hair on certain parts of the body. A woman may apply body hair removal treatments on areas such as her armpits, face and bikini line.

For men, shaving mustache and beard is a common practice, while body hair removal may be necessary only if there is excess hair on the chest or back. It is a requirement for military men and women to have semi-shaved haircut because it is a practical thing to do to prevent tedious grooming and to avoid the enemy from grabbing their hair during battle.

Cancer patients would rather go bald during chemotherapy because their body hair eventually fall off after the first few sessions. For most of them, it is better to shave their heads than see their hair falling each and every day during chemotherapy.

Body hair removal is one way to prevent patients from having infection during surgery.

Some people remove their body hair because of religious norms. As part of the devotion to their religion, Cambodian and other Buddhist monks shave their heads. As part of their religious practices, the Muslims remove hair on their armpits and pubic area.

Shaving off body hair as a form of punishment has been done in many countries and cultures as well. During the time of the holocaust, the Nazi Germans shaved off the body hair of men, women and children before they were exterminated. Jewish men, in particular, keep their beards long as part of their tradition and faith.

Body hair removals in the modern times seem to concentrate on aesthetic reasons. This is the reason why there are many salons that offer various treatments for hair removal. Always ensure your safety when choosing the right procedure/treatment, whichever your reason may be.