Choosing with Care: Body Hair Removal Products

Body hair removal is a sensitive issue – literally. Depending on the part of the body that needs the hair removed, it can be a painful process as well as tedious. There are many different methods of hair removal which is great so that the individual can choose the best body hair removal product for that particular part of the body. Most people who use body hair removal products use more than one method on their bodies.

Types of Body Hair Removal Products

For those who want to remove hair from their legs, there are a couple of most common body hair removal products for that area. Most people use shaving to remove the hair of the legs. Although it does not last long since it merely removes the tops of the hairs, it is a quick and painless means of removing the unsightly hair of the legs. Some people will use waxing on their legs because it lasts for two weeks or more depending on the person. Waxing pulls the hairs out by the roots which are why it lasts for that amount of time, but is also why many people will not choose this method of hair removal because it is so painful.

For the face, there are other body hair removal products that are best suited to this region. Waxing for the face is a great choice because it does allow the hair to be removed more quickly than plucking and lasts for two weeks. It also tends to make the hair thinner in that area so that there is not as much to treat as time goes on. It is not without its drawbacks, however, because some women experience rashes from the heat of the wax as well as having to put up with longer hair so that the wax can grab it when they are in between treatments.

Shaving is another body hair removal product that is sometimes used on the face, but it is not recommended because it causes the hair to become coarser and to grow back more quickly than before. Another option for the face is the bleach the hair rather than removing it, which is a good option for those who do not have much hair on their face. There are chemical bleaching products that can be used as well as using lemon juice to do the job. In addition, there are some body hair removal products that use lotions that have chemicals that remove the body hair and dissolve it down to the roots, blocking new growth for a period of time.