Choosing the Best Facial Hair Removal

Choosing the best facial hair removal product on the market is tricky since there are many different reviews that promote various products for their attributes, yet all have a down side as well. There are some products that are natural facial hair removal products since they use all natural means to remove the hair. Others use chemicals, light and electricity to remove the unwanted facial hair.

Best Facial Hair Removal Types

The best facial hair removal systems are those that are least irritating to the skin and last the longest period of time. Waxing, either traditionally or by sugar wax, is on of the best ways to remove facial hair. Waxing pulls out the hairs by the roots so that it only has to be done about every two weeks. In addition, it pulls out multiple hairs at a time, so unlike plucking, it does not take as long to do. There are also waxing strips that are on the market today that make the process even easier.

These strips do not have to be heated in a microwave, they merely have to be rubbed between the palms of the hand to heat them up and then pulled apart to reveal the wax, which is them placed on the area where the unwanted hair is. It is them pulled quickly off and then thrown away. These strips usually also come with a soothing lotion so that the skin does not get irritated from the wax.

Another of the best facial hair removal methods is to use an electrolysis or laser hair removal device at home. These devices use the same basic methods as electrolysis or laser hair removal in a doctor’s office, but are much less expensive and can be used in the privacy of the individual’s own home.

This allows the individual to do the hair removal at any time. These devices remove the hair permanently from the body, which is ideal. Although waxing does tend to cause the hair growth to come in less thick, it does not permanently remove the hair, making the electrolysis and laser devices the best facial hair removal systems on the market today. They usually cost at least sixty dollars with some running several hundred dollars, depending on the device. These devices do take patience and consistency to use, however, since hair grows at different times, in cycles, so the device must be used multiple times to see the results that the individual desires.