Choosing Between Laser and Electrolysis Hair Removal

There are permanent methods of hair removal that can be found on the market today, both professionally and also at home versions that each work to remove unwanted hair on a permanent basis. Laser and electrolysis hair removal are the two common versions that are used in each situation. When examining at home versions of these two systems, individuals should carefully read all reviews, including those reviews of individuals who have used the product that are posted on a site that is independent from the product site. This will help the user to see what types of problems other users have had with a particular product so that he or she can make a wise purchase.

Making a Laser and Electrolysis Hair Removal Choice

Laser and electrolysis hair removal systems both kill the hair roots so that it never grows back out of a particular hair follicle. Although they are similar in this way, laser and electrolysis hair removal systems are different in the way they achieve this effect. Laser hair removal is the most recent to the market of permanent hair removal. It uses light from lasers to heat the hair root and kill it so that it will not grow anymore. Laser hair removal is usually faster than electrolysis because it can treat hundreds of hair follicles at a time rather than treating each hair follicle individually. Laser hair removal costs about five hundred dollars per treatment, with an average person requiring at least three treatments and normally not more than four. This is quite expensive, but many people who have struggled with unwanted hair on faces and backs which has caused them low self-esteem in public find the price worth it for a permanent solution to their problem.

Unlike lasers, electrolysis hair removal uses electricity instead of light waves to kill the hair roots. Electrolysis hair removal requires each hair follicle to be treated separately since the tiny metal needle has to be inserted into each one in order for the electric current to pass into the follicle down to the root of the hair. The current is usually not enough to cause much more than a mild discomfort for the individual being treated, but it depends on the sensitivity of the area and the pain tolerance of the individual. Unlike lasers, electrolysis hair removal is paid by the hour rather than by the session. This can either be good news or bad news for the individual paying for the treatment. If the area is small with few hairs in it, then the price will be significantly less than laser treatment. If the area is large, then it can be very expensive, since the price can run up to one hundred dollars per hour.