An Efficient Choice: Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

The electrolysis hair removal system is one that has been around for the longest in permanent hair removal systems. Newer to the market is the laser permanent hair removal systems, which some say work better and more efficiently than electrolysis does. Electrolysis permanent hair removal usually requires that a professional do the treatments in a doctor’s office, but there are also systems that can be used in the home, although reviews are mixed about such home based systems.

How Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Works

Electrolysis permanent hair removal requires individuals to go to a doctor who offers this provision, usually a plastic surgeon. After the initial consult where the doctor will check with the individual to see what areas he or she wants hair removal from. The doctor will also check any other health conditions that might exclude the individual from having the electrolysis permanent hair removal. The treatments usually cost by the hour, with the hourly rate ranging from twenty-five to one hundred dollars per hour.

The doctor will usually give the individual an estimate of the area to be treated so that the individual knows what to expect in price. If the doctor does not do this, it is a good idea for the individual to get an estimate from another doctor and make an informed decision about the treatment.

Once the consult is done, the electrolysis permanent hair removal process is ready to be scheduled. The way electrolysis works, a fine metal needle is inserted into the hair follicle and then a mild electric current is passed through the needle into the hair root so that it is killed. This process must be repeated in each hair follicle making the process very tedious in addition to mildly painful. Once the first treatment is over and all the hair is removed the individual must wait several weeks before getting the next treatment.

Hair grows in cycles so not all hair shows at the same time. It usually takes at least eight weeks for all hair to grow out and show itself, so during this time the individual will have to go through at least three treatments to make sure all hair follicles are treated and the roots killed.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal is a great option for those who have a lot of facial hair or a lot of hair on their backs. It allows that entire area to be treated permanently so that the individual does not have to worry about it anymore. This is often enough motivation for individuals to spend two thousand plus dollars for the treatments and to endure the pain of them in order to spend a lifetime without hair in those areas.