A Secret Task: Male Body Hair Removal

Since grooming for men is not as widely accepted as it is for women, there is often an unspoken secret about the different methods of male body hair removal. There are some men who have a large amount of hair on their chests and backs that is so embarrassing to them that they do not want to take their shirts off even in front of their loved ones. This can be hindering to living a full life, making swim parties and hot days playing sports an uncomfortable time, needing to explain why the t-shirt never comes off with some excuse.

Temporary or Permanent Male Body Hair Removal

Male body hair removal is usually done through a variety of temporary methods. Shaving is the most common, where males will go into a salon that offers this service to get the hair shaved. He will usually go back for another shave every couple of weeks, since the hair takes some time to grow back and tends to look thinner when it is in the growing stage which is less embarrassing. There are also some razors that are designed to allow men to be able to shave their own backs, but these are still very awkward to use as the back is hard to see.

Waxing is another method of male body hair removal that is sometimes used since it lasts longer than shaving does. The hairs are pulled out by the roots with waxing so the process will only have to be repeated every month or so rather than every two weeks. With very hairy backs in the beginning, the back will have to be clipped so that the hair is not as long so that the wax can work to its best capacity. This process of male body hair removal is very painful, however, since the back is sensitive and is also a large area to wax.

Permanent male body hair removal is another option that men may use. These methods can also be somewhat painful, but the benefit of having no more hair on the back or thinner and sculpted hair on the chest is worth the pain. In addition, these methods are expensive, with electrolysis running from twenty-five to one hundred dollars per hour of treatment and laser removal costing five hundred dollars per session on average. The sessions have to be repeated at least three times in order for all hairs to be removed permanently, since hairs grow in cycles so that all hairs are not seen until a period of about eight weeks has passed.