A Lasting Effect: Permanent Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal products are prevalent on the market today, being made for men and women who deal with unwanted body hair on different parts of the body. There are different options in hair removal from chemicals to razors, natural and professional methods. Some methods can cost as little as a few dollars while other cost a couple thousands of dollars. There are methods that are useful for the face but are not recommended for areas that are larger or have more hair on them.

Permanent Body Hair Removal

There are professional methods that offer permanent body hair removal through a couple of methods. One method that has been around the longest is electrolysis in which electricity is used to kill the roots of the hairs. Electrolysis is still a popular method of permanent body hair removal even though it is quite expensive. Typically, electrolysis costs from twenty-five to one hundred dollars per session, which does not sound so bad at the outset, but when the hair follicles have to be treated one at a time, it is a time consuming process.

In this type of permanent body hair removal, a thin metal needle is inserted into a hair follicle and a mild electric current is passed through it to kill the hair root. This can be somewhat painful to the person being treated, especially when the process is repeated for all hair follicles in the area. In addition, electrolysis has to be repeated at least three times in order for all the hairs in an area to be treated since they grow in cycles rather than all at once.

Permanent Body Hair Removal With Laser

Another method of permanent body hair removal is laser hair removal. This is also professionally done and costs about five hundred dollars per session. This sounds more expensive than electrolysis; however, laser hair removal allows hundreds of follicles to be treated at one time, rather than the one at a time method of electrolysis. The treatment still has to be repeated at least three times to catch all the hairs in the area and it can also be painful. These two methods are desired by those who are afflicted with a lot of hair in unwanted areas which makes it impossible to keep up with, such as a woman with a lot of hair on the face or a man with a lot of hair on the back. Permanent body hair removal is important for these types of individuals to help them gain confidence and also to free up the time spent on temporary hair removal methods.