A Guide To Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal technique uses a single wavelength of light to make the melanin in the shaft of the hair dormant. So, a laser is used to heat the hair, and this heat is transferred to the base of the hair, where it is absorbed by hair follicle, sending this follicle into resting phase. The main idea is to produce a light, which is absorbed by the darker material (melanin), but not by the lighter material surrounding it (the skin). Hair grows in several phases, (anagen, telogen, catagen) and currently active hair follicle is called anagen.. Laser is able to kill only these follicles in any given session.

How Is The Laser Facial Hair Removal Done

During laser facial hair removal , the Practitioner holds a hand held device against the skin, and the cooling gel on tip is used to protect the surrounding skin. Hightly focussed laser beam passes through the skin surface, and reaches where hair growth is originated. Hair follicle is damaged by the extreme heat, and its further growth is also prevented. High energy waves produced by laser make the hair dormant.

Side effects of Laser facial hair removal

Laser hair removals can cause scarring, but in most of the cases, this scarring is temporary and diminishes within few weeks or months. However, the scarring also depends on the melanin level in your skin, skin tone, experience level of the practitioner, type of laser being used and your healing cycle.

Always consult your medical practitioner before opting for laser facial hair removal. It’s important to do some research and make an informed decision. Beware of the sales pitch, heavy discounts and false claims. Consult some people who have undergone laser facial hair removal treatment before making any kind of decision.

Some of the advantages of Laser facial hair removal are that it is permanent facial hair removal, is rather painless, is fast and does not damage the structure and pores of the skin.

Disadvantages of laser facial hair removal are that not enough data is yet available to support all the claims, not as effective on blonde or red hair, is expensive, some people just do not respond to the treatment, must be done very carefully, some temporary side effects, must be used very carefully on the people with darker skins and on the tanned people, one must wear eye protection during the treatment and
it affects the skin structure.

It is advisable to wear goggles while the laser facial hair removal is going on in order to avoid accidental exposure of laser to the eyes. Sometimes, a local anesthesia is applied to reduce the tingling sensation.