A Guide To Facial Hair Removal

Men usually have more facial hair than they want, but even some women face the similar problem. It is not a good sight to see someone with extra facial hair and it is not difficult to get rid of them, as there are many temporary and permanent methods available.

Some Common Methods For Facial Hair Removal

Shaving is most commonly used method for facial hair removal, but it is temporary, and is not recommended for women. Tweezing is useful, but it can be little painful because hair is plucked out at the root. But, it takes longer time for hair to regrow.

For facial hair removal, depilatory gels, lotions and creams can also be used. All of them contain chemicals that are able to alter the structure of the hair, making them easy to be removed. It is however important to know that these chemicals can irritate the skin, hence they must be especially formulated for use on facial skin. One must do a skin patch test on the face prior to using the facial hair removal cream or any other product, and follow all the directions exactly to avoid any chemical burns or skin irritation. Most of the people don’t like the odor of these creams, but at the same time, they are easy and quick to use and are inexpensive.

Waxing is another commonly used method for facial hair removal, and it can be done every 4-6 weeks depending on the hair growth. During waxing, cold or hot wax is applied to the area of unwanted hair, and when hair get affixed to the wax, they are pulled off with the help of waxing strips. It is advisable not to use the wax on irritated or sunburned skin.

Electrolysis is a permanent method for facial hair removal, and it includes passing small electrical current to destroy root of the hair. As each hair follicle is destroyed individually, several treatments may be needed over a period of time.

Laser is another method of facial hair removal, but it must be done by licensed practitioner only. Laser facial hair removal can be quite time consuming and expensive, yet not permanent.

Eflornithine is a prescription cream that can treat the facial hair growth in women. This cream is used twice a day, and makes hair lighter and softer, but it can also cause acne or skin irritation. Doctors also prescribe antiandrogen medications to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair.

Deciding the suitable method for facial hair removal is a personal choice, and must be appropriately chosen as per hair type.