Selecting The Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair loss in men have different causes, even though according to Bernstein Medical, hair loss is often hereditary. Just as there are different causes of hair loss in men, it also goes that there are different hair loss treatment for them like camouflage techniques, low-level Laser Therapy, herbal hair loss treatments, and FDA approved medications.

Each hair loss treatment for men has their own advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, a certain hair loss treatment for men is compatible with a particular lifestyle. Hence it is ideal to put each in perspective so that you can have the best idea for hair loss treatment in men.

For FDA approved medications, it is affordable and they can be bought without prescriptions. If a man is in the early stages of hair loss, his taking of these medications can further slow down hair loss. It’s limitation is that it takes a long time to have an effect which is at least around 6 months.

Herbal hair loss treatments are within the same price range of FDA approved medications, plus they can also be bought on health as well as hygiene sections of groceries and department stores and not just in drug stores alone. Its limitation is that its effectiveness is not backed up by scientific evidences.

Low-level Laser Therapy is also known as the photo bio-therapy.

For this hair loss treatment for men, the laser lights promote cell growth. It seems that it is more recommended for thinning areas rather than bald spots. An advantage to this treatment would be the time frame of results; it reveals faster results than in medication treatment. In addition, it is a treatment that can be done on the doctor’s clinic or at the comfort of your home. Its weakness is that it is very expensive compared to FDA approved medications as well as herbal treatments.

A camouflage technique is the simplest means for hair loss treatment but it can also cost some money. Hats, toupees, and wigs could be expensive, however, this could also aid in the various hairstyles that a man would want to have depending on their mood. One more camouflage technique is constant shaving of the head which is very simple to do and will not cost you that much.