Hair loss may also has psychological effects. Even though it is a fairly typical condition that many people from all over the world experience, a lot still think about how they can prevent this. ‘Prevention is always better than cure,’ most medical practitioners say this to their patients.

Knowing the causes of hair loss is needed before you can prevent its occurrence. According to Bernstein Medical, the typical causes of hair loss among men is genetics, which is known as androgenetic alopecia, which is usually influence by the mother’s side of the family. On the other hand, with women, the causes of hair loss are obstetric and gynecologic conditions such as post-partum, and post menopausal states, ovarian tumors, intake of birth control pills, anemia, nutritional deficiency, lupus, thyroid diseases, and stress.

Having been oriented on the causes of hair loss in men and women, it is evident that for men, hair loss could not be avoided. As it is brought upon by genetics, there is nothing that can be done about it. On the other hand, the causes of hair loss among females can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy and disciplined lifestyle is the best way to avert the causes of hair loss because exercising promotes good chemicals within the body and releases toxins through perspiration, thus influencing a positive outlook in life. Healthy food keeps the body away from intake of artificial and unwanted chemicals, guards against toxins. On the other hand discipline will enable you to keep that lifestyle despite temptations.

If you want to live a happy life with full hair, maintain a healthy and discipline lifestyle so that you can avoid the causes of hair loss.