A Guide on Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is caused by a variety of things, although according to Bernstein Medical, hair loss is typically caused by heredity among men, while on the other hand thyroid diseases, gynecologic problems, birth control pills, and pregnancy for women.

Today where medical technology is highly improved, hair loss solutions can be availed by those who have hair loss problems treated. There are various hair loss solutions such as hair restoration and hair replacements.

Some examples of hair restoration treatment are low-level Laser Therapy, hair transplants, FDA approved medications, and herbal hair loss treatments. Meanwhile, some examples of hair replacements are extensions, hair pieces, wigs, and toupees.

Each hair loss solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, each hair loss solution caters to certain lifestyles. It must also be obtainable based on location. Therefore it is important to compare and contrast each products to have a better idea of what it the best hair loss solutions are.

FDA approved medications are not expensive and you can easily purchase them on drug stores. Taking these medications can slow down further hair loss. Keep in mind though that it requires at least 6 months of usage before you can see its effects.

Herbal hair loss treatments are also cheap as well and they can be bought on department stores and groceries too. Its disadvantage is that there are no scientific studies that can prove the effect of such herbal treatments.

Low-level Laser therapy is also popular by the name of photo bio-therapy.

The laser in this hair loss solutions promotes cell growth. It is more recommended for thinning hair rather than balding hair. An advantage to this treatment would be the time frame of results; it reveals faster results than in medication treatment. Furthermore, the procedure can be done on the doctor’s clinic or at the comfort of your home. Its disadvantage is that it costs higher than the FDA approved and herbal medication.

The camouflage technique is the easiest hair loss solution, however, keep in mind that it is quite costly.

Hats, wigs, as well as toupees are not cheap but they allow you to customize your preferred hairstyle. The simple hair loss solutions is also the easiest solution to obtain around any place.